Beautiful and kind hearted Sureyya is a talented musician. After graduating from the Conservatory of Music, she jumps into the music industry working as a back vocalist and singing in commercial jingles. She leads a modest life living with her aunt, her only relative in the world.Her unpretencious and humble life changes forever once she falls in love with Faruk Boran who is a wealthy and handsome business man with family roots in Bursa city. Boran family is one of the oldest, richest and most noble families in Turkey. The family is lead by Esma Sultan, Faruk´s and his three brothers´mother. Faruk is the favorite of his mother and she has great dreams for him, including arranging a prosperous marriage with a bride of her choosing. Although, Faruk leads an independent life and he is unaware of his mother´s plans. As he falls deeply in love with Sureyya, he proposes to her, Sureyya says yes.
  • ScenarioDeniz Akcay Katiksiz-Armagan Gulsahin
  • DiroctorZeynep Gunay Tan
  • ProducerOnur Guvenatam
  • ProductionO3 Media