First Love Again

Lee Hajin has love and talent for cooking and is dating Cha Doyun, who unbeknownst to her, is the son of Chairman of LK group. Cha Doyun proposes to her which she accepts gladly, still unaware about his rich background. Cha Doyun's father wants his legitimate eldest son, Cha Doyun to marry Baek Minhui, the sole daughter and heir to Myunghua Foundation so that he can get material benefits from her family. When both Lee and Cha families meet for the formal meeting before the wedding, the enmity between two families is revealed and nobody wants Lee Hajin and Cha Doyun to marry. The whole situation is further complicated by an unwanted pregnancy, with Baek Minhui scheming to pass on her baby as Cha Doyun's child as to keep the baby's life safe from the clutches of her mother, the Chairwoman Kim of Myunghua Foundation. Will Baek Minhui be able to separate Cha Doyun and Lee Hajin? Will Cha Doyun and Lee Hajin be able to forget their first love?
  • ProducersKang Soo-yeon Song Min-yeob
  • Directed byYoon Chang-beom
  • Written byPark Pil-joo
  • ProductionKBS Media
  • DistributorKBS