The subject of the series: The leading role is Feride and Cüneyt on one side and Bahar and Kemal on the other side. Kemal and Cüneyt play two brothers and they both strive to marry the girl they love. Later in the series, Kemal was able to marry Bahar by facing great difficulties and he also had a child. Cüneyt was able to persuade Feride to marry. Feride has just learned that he is the brother of Eylül. He married Cüneyt and had a daughter named Güneş. On the other hand, Tunç, one of the main roles of the series, died. The leading character of the series is Kemal. The new leading character Onur joined the series. He left the show at the end of the sixth season. The lead actress Bahar has left the series. At the end of the seventh season, Cüneyt, the lead actor of the series, left the series

  • ProductionFocus Film
  • ProducerNilgun Sagyasar
  • Script Write Aysem Ozge Yoldas
  • DirectorGursel Ates-Mihriban Salin-Berguzar Demiroglu