Al Hayba is the best Lebanese-Syrian drama television series

Al Hayba drama is one of the most famous Lebanese-Syrian drama television series. Its first season released and aired in Ramadan 2017, viewed by millions of viewer in Arab homeland as well in Kurdistan. The story of the series is written by Hozan Akko and developed and directed by Samer Barqawi.
Three seasons of the dram have been released and each season has 30 episodes. The star of the series is the famous Syrian actor Taim Hassan, while the star of season two is a female. The hero of each season is a new star, for instance the star of season 2 is the famous Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Najim, but in season 1 Nicole Saba was the start, and finally in season 3 Syrine Abdelnour is.
Generally the major actors of this dram are from Syria and Lebanon and the series is set in a both countries for the plot is related to both areas.
The story of the drama talks about a village called Al Hyba and deals with gun trading, assassination, kidnapping, and the conflict between Sheikhs. Rather than that, it also deals with strong passion and love relation. According to the seasons, the stories change. At the first stage, it was agreed that the drama will be continued with Taim Hassan and Nadine, but later on a misunderstanding comes ahead between Nadine and the drama staff, as a result Nadine announces her withdrawal. This decision was the cause of a lot of criticism, especially in season 2.
In season 3, when Syrine Abdelnour becomes the star of the drama, once again a huge number of fans were returned to view the series, she successfully could attract a huge number of audience again.