Do you know that the most famous Arab broadcaster is Jabbal’s spouse?

Taim Hassan, known as “Jabbal” in Al Hayba drama series, is one of the most famous Syrian actors, born in 1976. The beginning of his artistic career was in 2000, when he participated in "King Farouk" drama series where he was able to attract the largest number of viewers in the Arab world. He also participated in other artistic works, including " Nizar Qabbani "
Taim Hassan, after a long love story that lasted years, he married the Syrian actress Dima Bayaa and they got two children, and then separated in 2012. In 2017 Taim Hassan falls in love with a famous Egyptian TV presenter, Wafaa Al Kilani - the mother of two children, and gets married for the second time. The marital life of these spouses continues to this moment, and they are considered as ideal spouses, despite the rumors indicated that they are about to separate, but all these allegations were refuted.