Vaishali Thakkar (Damene)

Some information about Damini

Vaishali Thakkar, known as Damini, or “Echah’s Mother” in Uttaran/ Gre Kuera was born in 1973 in Mumbai, from an artist family. Her father was a theater artist and a prominent actor. She has one single brother. Her first appearance was in the field of TV advertising and media, then in her role in the Indian television dramedy series Baa Bahoo Aur Baby in 2008. She became very famous and popular after her role in Uttaran.
Vaishali is married and she is the mother of two children, one boy and one girl. Rather than her mother tongue she speaks English too. She tends to historical artworks and wishes to have major roles, especially heroic roles. In an interview she said” She was strongly tended to music and singing, but circumstances changed her path to the world of acting.” Vaishali says, "The role I am playing doesn't have to be close to my personality. What matters most to me is to make a beautiful presentation." It is important to mention that Uttaran/ Gre Kuera is a television series is aired in Kurdmax TV.